Bobby Maxwell just Disappears from Fall Creek Valley

In one of the saddest stories of 1986, Frank and Martha Maxwell of Fall Creek Valley lost their only son Bobby, 10, when he never returned from a Halloween party. The family held a memorial in December after he was feared lost for good. Like the Simpson boy in 1973 (found drown two weeks later), the family held out hope before conceding that he was gone.

Authorities searched the area for clues to no avail. After the family accepted their fate, almost everybody in Fall Creek Valley came for Bobby’s memorial. There was not a dry eye in the church. Mr. Maxwell tried honoring his son but could not finish the eulogy.

His classmates said Bobby was a nice boy. Little was known about him. He was a fair student, but did not play sports because he was small. Reportedly shy, his father wanted him to try and fit in. In a twist of fate, it was the dad who allowed him to go to the party over his wife’s objections. An eerie side was that his body was not found and there were no clues of foul play, nor any suspects. The town was shaken by the episode, which still remains a mystery.