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Welcome to A site dedicated to the urban legend of Bloody Bobby Maxwell. Explore the photos and news articles that we have found in our research of the evil secret of Fall Creek Valley.  It has been just a few years since the Fall Creek Valley Massacre, where 8 people were savagely killed.  We have gathered several articles from local newspapers, that track the mystery of “Bloody” Bobby Maxwell.

The Legend started over 20 years ago when the town of Fall Creek Valley was rocked with the tragedy of a missing boy named Bobby Maxwell.  He disappeared on Halloween night with out a trace of what happened to him that night.  Months, turned to years and finally the search was over, and the memory faded.

But 20 years later in Fall Creek Valley on Halloween night, 8 people were brutally murdered.  Police investigated the murders over several months.  The only connection the murders had to one another was 6 out of the 8 victims, were former classmates of Bobby Maxwell, and were the ones who last who saw Bobby that Halloween night 20 years prior.

Since the Fall Creek Massacre, the legend of Bobby Maxwell grew.  People reported seeing a child in a orange and black Halloween costume walking the streets of the town late at night.  Also people reported black pumpkin markings found all over the town of Fall Creek Valley.  All the sightings have had one thing in common, they all seem to be reported on Halloween night.

FCV Boy Missing Since Halloween

From The Crutchfield County Courier

November 5, 1986

By Ted Stevens

Robert Maxwell, 10, of Fall Creek Valley is said to be missing since attending a Halloween party with his schoolmates, according to local authorities. A recent search for the boy proved futile.

The youngster, described as small and shy, was wearing an orange sweatshirt with a pumpkin on it and had a black and orange Halloween mask when last seen. Several children at the party told Bobby’s parents that he left that night before most started home, but that he seemed to have a good time.

The Maxwell family has asked everyone to come forward with any knowledge of seeing the boy that night or the next day. Contact Constable Jacobs if you have any information

Maxwell Boy Search Ends; Family Fears For His Safety

From The Crutchfield County Courier

November 19, 1986

By Jerome Washburn, Courier staff

Fall Creek Valley Chief Constable Biff Jacobs has called off his search for Bobby Maxwell, a 10 year old boy missing since Halloween. His team of local police plus Riverdale officers and their dogs searched the countryside for over a week to no avail.

The small boy was last seen at a Halloween party with classmates. He left early and was wearing an orange and black sweatshirt and mask. Several children at the party were interviewed by authorities but could not provide any help as to why he left or where he was going.

“We pray to God everyday that our Bobby will be with us soon,” said his mother Martha Maxwell. “We have been blessed with his goodness and smiling face and hope he comes home soon.”

Contributions to help pay for the search and to aid the Maxwell family has been set up at the Creek Christian Church in FCV and at St. James College in Riverdale.

Services Held For Bobby Maxwell; Family’s Future Dashed by Tragedy

From The Crutchfield County Courier

December 3, 1986

By Jerome Washburn, Courier Staff Reporter

The town of FallCreek Valley and the Frank and Martha Maxwell family grieved for their son, Bobby, at his memorial on Monday. The non-denominational service was held at the FCV Creek Christian Church. Over 100 attended, including many of Bobby Maxwell’s classmates. The 10 year old had been missing since Halloween and is presumed dead.

Eulogies were given by local Constable Biff Jacobs, who spearheaded the search for Bobby, Pastor Charles Osborn of the Creek Christian Church, where Mrs. Maxwell is President of the auxiliary volunteers, and Father Robert Steele of St. James College in nearby Riverdale, who runs a boy’s summer camp which Bobby attended twice.

Mr. Maxwell tried to praise his son but halfway through he was overcome. He sobbed at the loss and could not continue. Martha, Bobby’s mother, did not speak. Many attendees were visibly shaken over the loss of the little boy, including some of his school chums.

He disappeared this year after a Halloween party with his Lincoln School classmates. He was said to be in a good mood and loaded with candy from Trick or Treating when he left.

“He was such a nice boy. We gave him some of our candy and he left really happy,” said Erica Stafford, one of his friends that was at the party. At the service, many of his school chums were too overcome to talk about the tragedy, including Reggie Griffin, who cried throughout the ceremony.

Constable Jacobs and authorities from throughout the region searched the countryside looking for clues, but to no avail. The family had hoped for the best, but they began preparing for the memorial service a week ago when prospects faded.

A fund to aid the Maxwell family has been established at the Creek Christian Church as well as the St. James College in Riverdale.

Shocking Turn of Events in Bobby Maxwell’s Disappearance

From The Crutchfield County Courier

January 14, 1987

By Jerome Washburn, Courier Staff Reporter

(Exclusive Interview)

A break may be imminent in the disappearance of Bobby Maxwell. FCV Chief Biff Jacobs told the Courier Monday that one of the children at the Halloween party, the last place where Bobby was seen, told him about events that may have led to the 10-year-old’s disappearance that night.

The name of the source cannot be released due to the youth’s age, but Jacobs stated that a youngster had come forth with a heretofore unknown scenario. Over the Christmas holidays the child began having nightmares and crying spells. Then after returning to school, concentration issues arose on homework.

After the child told the grandmother, she told the parents. As no other facts emerged, they ignored it as a tall story about Bobby Maxwell. But when the child’s behavior worsened, they went to authorities to let the child provide some new information on the disappearance.

Jacobs stated that the story was “pretty outlandish,” but had to be checked out. He expected to wrap-up the investigation of the unexplained new twist in three weeks.

Police say Boy lied about Bobby Maxwell Disappearance

From The Crutchfield County Courier

February 11, 1987

By Jerome Washburn, Courier Staff Reporter

After checking details for weeks on facts from Reggie Griffin, 11, a Lincoln School classmate of Bobby Maxwell’s, they were deemed to be ‘false.’ FCV Chief Biff Jacobs said that all the details they checked on led to dead-ends.

“Nothing he told us turned out to be real evidence,” said Jacobs. “I don’t know why he did it, but it wasted our time and the taxpayer’s money to check out these trails.”

Bobby Maxwell, a 10-year old, disappeared last Halloween night. His body was never found. His friends said that he left the party early with a full bag of candy and that he seemed happy.

The Griffin family replied that they just wanted to help clear Reggie’s mind and get the story about the Halloween party, the last place anyone saw Bobby, off his chest. Not having been there, they believed what their son had told them.

“We thought we did the right thing to tell somebody who could look into it. Reggie was acting stranger than usual, and really wanted to talk to somebody about that night.

The Griffin boy, who has a twin brother named Alex, was apparently having problems in school, which he said were caused by lack of sleep. As Alex is a good student, Chief Jacobs surmised that Reggie may have been trying to divert attention from his poor school marks by making up a story about what happened to young Maxwell.

Unfortunately, it is now evident that the story led nowhere. The police say they have closed the Bobby Maxwell case for good.


Boy injures Classmate that lied about Maxwell’s Disappearance

From The Crutchfield County Courier

February 25, 1987

By Jerome Washburn, Courier Staff Reporter

Just days after authorities said Reggie Griffin’s story of Bobby Maxwell’s disappearance was false; he was beaten up at Lincoln School. The Principal, Jake Thompson, said the incident evolved from students being upset that Griffin had revived the mystery and everyone got upset.

According to Thompson, at recess a week ago Tuesday, Reggie was approached by Willy Anderson and an argument evolved, ending with a fight between the two. Sam Wilson, a teacher, stopped the skirmish.

“Apparently tempers flared after words were exchanged about Reggie’s statements and Willy took exception. I broke it up quickly, but Reggie got the worst of it,” said Wilson.”

Maxwell, 10, disappeared last Halloween after a party. Most of his schoolmates said they liked him. He was never seen again and his body was never found.

Chief Biff Jacobs said that the Griffin boy, who was having school problems, had probably made up the story to look like a hero so his parents would overlook his poor grades.

“Reggie should not be talking about Bobby,” Tiffany Jones, 11, said, echoing some of Maxwell’s classmates.

The school did not think any discipline would be necessary for either boy in the fight. “Boys will be boys sometimes. I don’t think it’s serious, but some of Bobby’s friends were upset about what Reggie did,” said Wilson.

Bobby Maxwell’s Father Found Dead, Son’s Disappearance may be Reason

From The Crutchfield County Courier

May 6, 1987

 By Jerome Washburn, Courier Staff Reporter

Mrs. Martha Maxwell came home from Creek Christian Church Choir practice last Sunday and found her husband Frank lying on the floor of the garage. She fainted at the sight of the blood, but recovered to call the Fall Creek Valley emergency at 10:21 p.m. to rush an ambulance to the house. It appeared that her husband, Bobby’s father, may have had a gunshot wound.

Chief Biff Jacobs told the Courier on Monday that Mr. Maxwell was never the same after the tragedy that befell his son. Signs of his unrest are now evident. He had not attended the Rotary Club meetings for about three months according to members. Neighbors said that since March 15th, when Bobby would have turned 11-years-old, Mr. Maxwell declined jobs to do any carpentry work or repairs and became more reclusive.

Bobby also kept to himself and, reportedly, his father encouraged him to try and fit in with his classmates. Mr. Maxwell was the one who allowed him to go to the party that night over his wife’s opposition. Bobby’s body was never found and there were no clues of foul play, nor any suspects.

Even before Mr. Maxwell’s death, the town was shaken by the episode. Many in the town still grieve for Bobby, including his schoolmates and those who attended the Halloween party where he was last seen. The case briefly flared up when Reggie Griffin told authorities about a plot, apparently false, that led to Bobby’s death. Police found no clues from his statements. Later Reggie was in fights at school over the comments.

Now, tragedy has struck again for the Maxwell family and the town of Fall Creek Valley. A coroner will present the cause of death next week. No services have been announced by Mrs. Maxwell. The police thought Bobby Maxwell’s case was over, but with the death, it rises again. The Bobby Maxwell saga just won’t go away.

Frank Maxwell Burial Saturday

From The Crutchfield County Courier

May 13, 1987

By Jerome Washburn, Courier Staff Reporter

Mrs. Martha Maxwell, mother of Bobby Maxwell who disappeared last Halloween, will use the family plot at Oakcrest Cemetery for her husband’s final resting spot, according to Giavetti Mortuary. Burial will be 3 p.m. this Saturday.

Mrs. Maxwell came home from choir practice and found her husband Frank in the garage, where he may have taken his own life. She called for an ambulance but it was too late to save him. It is alleged that her husband may have shot himself.

Mr. Maxwell was never the same after the tragedy that befell his son. He slowly withdrew from his community activities and his carpentry work in the last few months. He had not attended his Rotary Club meetings and stayed home from work for several weeks, according to friends. They said that after March 15th, the day Bobby would have been 11, Mr. Maxwell became depressed.

He had encouraged his son, also shy, to try and participate with classmates more and allowed Bobby to go to the party that night over his wife’s objection. Bobby’s body was never found and there were no clues of foul play, nor any suspects.

Coroner: Maxwell Death a Suicide

From The Crutchfield County Courier

May 20, 1987

By Jerome Washburn, Courier Staff Reporter

The Coroner has ruled the death of Frank W. Maxwell to be a suicide. Mr. Maxwell, 62, was a World War II Veteran. He appeared to have shot himself as his .45 caliber service weapon was found near his body.

Maxwell’s services were last Saturday, but the Coroner’s report was released to the Courier this past Monday. The case of his son, Bobby Maxwell’s disappearance after a Halloween party with his classmates, is now infamous. Bobby, 10, was never seen again nor was his body ever found.

Mrs. Martha Maxwell asked that any donations be made to the local VA hospital in honor of her husband. Donations to the family can go to the Creek Christian Church in FCV c/o the pastor.